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St. Tammany Parish Attorney Brian A. Dragon

Serving the Family Law, Criminal Defense, and Personal Injury needs of clients in Southeastern Louisiana

When most people decide to consult a St. Tammany Parish attorney, they're acting on a decision that's often preceded by a great deal of worry, meticulous research, and a growing sense of helplessness over an event that has the power to make or break their future.

Many pivotal moments in life are resolved in U.S. law offices and court rooms as a St. Tammany Parish lawyer. At the Slidell, Louisiana law office of attorney Brian Dragon, we provide intelligent, honest, and highly-personalized legal counsel that helps meet your needs and protect you against intimidating opposition. Brian uses all his skills and talents he developed while serving St. Tammany and Washington Parishes as an Assistant District Attorney.

The Law Office of Brian A. Dragon represents the people of Southeastern Louisiana who need legal counsel for the following:

Contact Attorney Brian Dragon The Law Office of Brian A. Dragon is here to help you through life-changing events, protect your rights, and support you as you regain control over your life. If you have questions or you wish to speak to an attorney about your situation, please contact the Slidell, Louisiana Law Office of Brian A. Dragon today at (985) 718-1222, or via e-mail.

Family Law and Divorce Attorney St. Tammany Parish

Brian Dragon's practice covers all areas of family law, including adoptions (domestic), divorces, division of community property (or marital assets), child custody, child support for minors, termination of parental rights and visitation agreements, child support arrangements, interim and final periodic spousal support (alimony), and modifications to existing child custody and child support arrangements due to parental relocation. He represents both men and women in divorce and custody proceedings.

Criminal Defense Attorney St. Tammany Parish

Attorney Brian Dragon represents those who have been accused of a crime. Brian vigorously defends the United States Constitution and the Rights it carries with it. If your freedom is in jeopardy, contact Attorney Brian A. Dragon to discuss your Criminal Defense case. Call (985) 718-1222 today.

Personal Injury Attorney St. Tammany Parish

As a St. Tammany Parish lawyer Brian Dragon provides insightful, one-on-one representation for people who are hurt while visiting commercial property. This covers injuries due to slips and falls, criminal activity, lack of posted warning signs, or other insufficient maintenance or security measures on the part of the owner.

He also represents motorists, passengers, and pedestrians who are injured in crashes on Louisiana roadways in car, motorcycle, and semi-truck accidents, seeking maximum monetary damages on behalf of his clients in all personal injury cases as a St. Tammany Parish Lawyer.