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Divorce Law

Divorce - Dissolution of Marriage

When most people enter into a marriage, they intend for the union to last for a lifetime. Statistically, however, more than half of all U.S. marriages end in divorce. When you combine the disappointment, anger, heartache, questions about what will happen to the children, and fear of the future, the dissolution of a marriage becomes one of the most difficult things that can happen to a family.

For many, that pain is compounded by circumstances leading up to the split, such as domestic violence, an affair during marriage, the death of a child, serious financial problems, bankruptcy, unforeseen mental illness, heated arguments over child-rearing, or simply grief over the lost romance that once brought so much joy.

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When your emotions are running high, it's good to have someone on your side, someone who is dedicated to protecting you and your child's best interests throughout the dissolution of your marriage.

Have You Decided to File for Divorce?

If you're considering filing for a divorce, you should know your rights. St. Tammany Parish divorce lawyer Brian Dragon knows you've endured a lot by the time you decide to file; the last thing you want is a lengthy, agonizing, and expensive divorce. Each family affected by divorce presents a unique situation with unique problems. Brian Dragon will meet with you, listen to your side of the story, explain what the laws and legalese mean, and help you through each step as a fierce advocate for your rights.

Attorney for Divorcing Men and Women

Brian Dragon represents husbands and wives in all areas related to contested and uncontested divorces, including mediation, division of property and marital assets, child custody arrangements, visitation arrangements for parents and grandparents, child support agreements, spousal support (alimony), and separations. If you have specific concerns or terms you'd like the court to honor, you should have a persuasive divorce lawyer at your side to ensure your voice is heard.


There's a lot at stake in a divorce, especially if you have kids. If you'd like to resolve your situation as quickly, smoothly and beneficially as possible, you can opt for mediation. In mediation, you sit down with your estranged spouse and attempt to negotiate mutually favorable terms for child custody and child support. This keeps the most crucial decisions out of the hands of court officials who do not personally know you or your children. If mediation isn't effective in your case, Brian Dragon will represent you in court proceedings.